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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Affordable Patent Service Debuts Blog

Right here at is where the Affordable Patent Service (APS) introduces its official blog. You are encouraged to visit here interactively. This blog is the source of a number of useful features, with respect to intellectual property, for existing clients and independent inventors alike.

Each feature will be initially presented in article form, and posted here at this blog. Under each article, clients may make comments, ask about whatever they like, and receive answers directly from me. Here are some of the features you will see here.

First, this is a privileged site for legal Q&A regarding the United States patent process. I have learned a number of effective strategies, which I use in preparing and prosecuting patent applications. They can range from little tips and tricks that I have not seen in patent literature anywhere else, to substantial legal advice on intellectual property (IP) that is given out here for free. Also, articles on IP trends and recent USPTO changes, which pertain to most of my existing clients, will be supplied here from time to time as they arise. These benefits may also help independent inventors to decide on the best way to handle their own projects.

Second, this blog serves as a primary legal record of any discussions that take place here. Those discussions can occur either between myself and existing clients, or among clients themselves. It also serves as legitimate documentation for disclosures of any original ideas that unfold here. Whenever you engage in a discussion, or provide comments anywhere on this blog, you will be treated as a client, to at least that extent. As always, I maintain confidentiality to existing clients whenever it is required, and observe all of my fiduciary relationships appropriately.

Third, there are several unique processes for acquiring intellectual property rights that will be presented here on this blog, while they are being conducted elsewhere. Updates on the development of those processes will be announced periodically. Currently, there are a number of experimental procedures already in progress, and more on the way.

Welcome to the official blog for the Affordable Patent Service!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the publishing of your blog.

So far, it looks great.

We're really pleased to have played a role in inspiring it. :)

Thanks also for your link to Http://

We appreciate your support.


Anonymous said...


I am so glad you posted your website and blog on
I am interested in hearing your thoughts on my project, so I PLEASE forward your CDA to me, or I can forward mine to you.

As Michelle said, Congratulations on publishing this blog. I now must go read the rest of your site!

Road Show

Anonymous said...

I guess I should leave you my email address:


Ken Campbell said...

Thanks for the com(pli)ments.

Let me know if there are direct questions I can answer, or any specific topics you'd like to read about.


Elie said...

Well written article.

Sulis said...

Good for people to know.

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