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Friday, April 20, 2007

Use Your Digital Camera as a Desktop Scanner

The MikeSpike™ lets you mount your camera to any microphone stand. It works better than a tripod. When you use the MikeSpike together with a mike stand, it allows you to do things that you just can’t do with a regular tripod. The MikeSpike allows your camera to extend directly over the subject. In fact, with the MikeSpike, you can use your digital camera as a portable scanner. This is perfect when you’re on the go, and you need to make good color copies of important documents. You can also take high-quality pictures of maps, store them in memory, and leave your road atlas at home. Or, use the MikeSpike in special situations on a full-sized boom stand, for unprecedented photography. With the MikeSpike, you’ll never need a tripod again.

The MikeSpike works great for photos and video. Its durable lightweight construction, unique design, and comfortable feel makes photography fun. With the MikeSpike alone, you can take your camera to the beach, and just stick it in the sand. Now, YOU can be part of the memorable shots. Bring it on a camping trip, to the park, or anywhere else you would normally take pictures of friends and family. The ergonomic grip even lets you take better shots by hand. You’ll like the MikeSpike so much, you may never take it off your favorite camera.

To get your own MikeSpike, call (916) 283-IDEA, or send $10 to:

The Affordable Patent Service
Box 551
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

$10 includes shipping and tax.
For check or money order, add $2.95 for processing.

[US Patent Pending]

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